Titan Fenrir CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Titan Fenrir

Do you have one of the new i7 or i5 processors yet?  You do? I guess you're probably going to overclock it too. That's why you bought it, right? Our next review sample, the Titan Fenrir, is ready to take your air cooling on head first. "But, wait. Who is Titan? What is the Fenrir?," you ask. Titan is a new kid on the cooling block and they've been making some noise with the performance on their Flagship Cooler, Fenrir. Taking its name after the Norse demi-god wolf who bit the hand off the God Tyr, the Fenrir has turned out to be quite the cooler among some air cooling enthusiast circles.

Titan about Titan

"TITAN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was founded by a group of progressive and experienced engineers in their respective fields. Possessing over 20 year manufacturing experiences of designing superior cooling devices, Titan has successfully gained worldwide reputation for our successful achievements. In Titan, customers are the most valuable asset to us. Your opinions and suggestions are always regarded as the significant incentives for our further improvements. Hence, if you have any questions please feel free to contact with us anytime, the service team will provide you with a quick satisfactory response."

Titan on the Fenrir

"The name of Titan’s newly launched CPU cooler, Fenrir, is derived form the giant wolf of Norse mythology. Fenrir-TTC-NK85TZ has many rich characteristics; comparing with the original heat pipe size at 6mm, Fenrir possesses 4 larger 8 mm diameter copper heat pipes with the direct touch design to maximize the overclocking performance up to 160W and succeed in offering the best cooling performance. To perfect the heat conductive efficiency, the free sample of Royal Grease (0.032C/W) is attached to each package. The 12cm giant fan with built-in PWM speed control technology will operate automatically to solve overheating problems and provide a silent environment. Fenrir, especially suitable for Inter LGA1366 is absolutely the best thermal solution for your computer!"

Four large 8mm diameter cooper heat pipes coupled with Heatpipe Direct Touch technology? Aw, yeah. Let's get this review started.