Spire TherMax Pro CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Spire TherMax Pro

It has been some time since we reviewed a CPU cooler from Spire. Their coolers were how we first got to know them.  These days they have power supplies like the BlackMoon we recently reviewed. They are also known for manufacturing casings, hard drive enclosures and even cooling fans. Spire is a company that wants to offer the people of the world a complete array of components. Today, we will be reviewing their newest CPU cooler called the ThermMax Pro. The TherMax Pro is designed to replace that stock CPU cooler and offer better than stock cooling performance, while maintaining a good performance to noise ratio. Like any other product, we will give the TherMax Pro its time on the bench just to see how well it does on an everyday system.

What Spire has to say about the TherMax Pro

The universally compatible TherMax Pro is the first new Direct-Touch Heat-pipe (DTHP) innovation by Spire. Designed with three 8mm copper U shaped heat-pipes enclosed by forty-five aluminum stacked Micro-fins. The heat-sink base is equipped with the latest Direct-Touch heat-pipe technology providing the optimal cooling configuration. The TherMax Pro fits every processor available on the market today. Its cooling capacity ranges all the way from low end Micro-processors, up to today's hottest 130W dual-core processors. This cooler has it all! Equipped with Spire's signature UV-reactant BlueStar fan, this towering cooler is built to last!