Cool Age Frozen Orb X120 Transform

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Introduction to the Cool Age Frozen Orb X120 Transform

Two things came to mind when I looked at the name of our latest review sample. The first was, "Damn. That's a long name," and second, "I have never heard of Cool Age." I plan to remedy both of these. For this review, I will just call it the X120 and I will test it thoroughly. We're game to review anything a company is willing to throw our way, if I think our readers will want to hear about it. When Cool Age contacted me about the X120, I immediately googled it. Shortly after, I emailed them back with an enthusiastic "Hell yes. I will review it."

The X120 is based on a technology Cool Age is banking on called WIND TUNNEL. The idea behind it is to creat more surface area while keeping the cooler small. This extra surface area is created by shaping the fins of the cooler into layers of tiny loops. Air is pushed into the loops to create the wind tunnel effect. The technical talk sounds good, but I would like to say that the X120 is very impressive-looking with six heat pipes used to transfer from the base of the cooler. But are the extra heat pipes and the fancy technology enough to compete with the top dogs of the industry? We will see very soon.

Cool Age's thoughts on the wind tunnel technology

"Wind tunnel heat sink is a new type of heat sink developed by COOLAGE, which is characterized by hexagonal, square of round shape design contributing to remarkably extending the area of radiation versus that of the heat sink.

In addition, it adopts a new heat sink technology that focuses on using air flowing coming through airways formed between heat sinks rapidly discharge any heat accumulated inside heat sink.

Moreover, it is expected that the airway formed between heat sinks will reduce potential frictional explosive noise caused by friction of air with straight heat sink, and thereby will help create low noise environment as well"