Cooler Master Choiix Air Through Stash Laptop Cooler

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Introduction to the Air-Through Stash

Cooler master is a well known company that has been around for many years.  They are known for their cases, desktop cooling solutions, power supplies and laptop cooling.  Of course this leads us to why we are here today.  Cooler Master was nice enough to send us a Choiix Air Through Stash laptop cooler.  Laptops are continuing to take over desktop sales these days.  One of the biggest downfalls of laptops is their shortened life span over a desktop and the largest contributing factor to that is HEAT.  Heat is the nemesis of almost all PC’s, but with desktops increased size and room you are not so limited with cooling options.  Of course with your laptop you don’t have the room or even the options to fix your cooling solutions, so you have to look outside your PC to find a fix.  This is of course where Cooler Master Choiix Air Through Stash laptop cooler comes into play. 

Cooler Master take on the Stash

Air-Through Stash provides you an easy and economic way to add extra storage to your notebook with the integrated 2.5" HDD Dock along with efficient cooling.