Evercool Buffalo Socket 1366 CPU Cooler

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Evercool Buffalo Socket 1366 CPU Cooler

Introduction of the Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler

Recently, we took a long look at Evercool's Transformer 4 CPU cooler. The Transformer 4 offered a lot: size, dual fan, good looks and, to top it off, pretty decent performance. It was the first sign to me that Evercool is capable of making a pretty good cooler. They opened my eyes and made me aware to why they are one of the dominate manufacturers the Asian market.

Evercool is back with another cooler that takes aim at the middle market segment like the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. The segment dedicated to winning the hearts of people on tighter budgets or who don't need any form of extreme air cooling. The best thing about the new Buffalo CPU cooler is that it can be had for about $20 online and has the ability to offer much better cooling than the stock Intel cooler. Is the Buffalo enough to tackle the biggest issue inside a computer tower, heat? We will find out..