Thermaltake ISGC-300 CPU Cooler

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Introduction of the Thermaltake ISGC-300 CPU Cooler

In my time with reviewing and running a website built around enthusiast hardware I have ever seen Thermaltake sitting around waiting for develop the next best thing. No matter if it's a case, cooler or a enclosure for data storage I am never short of having something to review from them. It is often that I get a box of goodies from them; it's like Christmas some days around here sometimes. And about two weeks ago it was one of those Christmas days at the Pro-Clockers address. The box we got was a handful of coolers all based on the new ISGC line. And today we will be bring you the biggest of the lineup, the ISGC-300.

The ISGC-300 from Thermaltake is the biggest of the five coolers under this series. The ISGC-300 is based heavily on the commonly used tower design. Granted the tower arrangement offers the best cooling to date when it comes to air and the ISGC-300 should fall in there with this belief. But what else the cooler offer is a new take on fan and fan blades. All new fan motor and redesign blades is what the ISGC series is all about. And we get to take our first look at one.

A word from Thermaltake about the ISGC-300  

For ISGC coolers, your choice will depend on your needs. ISGC-100 and ISGC-200 are equipped with 9cm PWM fan to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the CPU temperature; ISGC-300 and ISGC-400 feature with 12cm speed controlled fan for users to adjust the fan speed according to their needs. Granted as of today the tower.