Coolermaster NotePal X2 Notebook Cooler

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Introduction of the Coolermaster NotePal X2

For many, Coolermaster is the only choice for computer cases and cooling products. I am a big fan as well. Some may not know it, but they offer more than desktop components and cooling. They have ventured into the world of laptop cooling as well. We saw this in the Choiix review we did a few months ago. A perfect fit for netbook cooling. We enjoyed reviewing it, but with the explosion of laptop sales in past few years cooling products for portables are becoming an important need. Coolermaster realizes this and developed the NotePal X1 cooling pad. Is it enough to cool the beast that I work with everyday? We will see.

A word from Coolermaster about the NotePal X2

With efficient functional and superb silent concept in mind, the NotePal X2 creates optimal comfort for laptop users. Either on a desk or on the lap of an on-the-go user, the NotePal X2 takes air from a bottom intake and cools down high temperatures with its 140mm silent fans, dissipating the high temperatures generated by the CPU and GPU trapped inside the laptop housing.