Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler

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Sometimes we go into a review of a product not thinking about who that item is really intended for. Much of my thinking was that since Phanteks had produced one of the best coolers we have ever tested, the TC14CS would be close in performance. Well the case here is the new PH-TC14CS is meant for those looking to achieve better than good performance in an environment where silence is a must. And this achieves that and does it very well. The TC14CS does outperform some of the coolers we have tested since moving to the X79 platform for testing purposes. One of those cooler is a dual fan, dual tower cooler that is well regarded as a pretty good cooler.

Every once in a while there comes a company that we are really excited about because they give us some different in just in performance buy in a visual aspect. I give Phanteks a lot of plots for allowing the consumer the choice of colors for their cooler that best fits them. No longer are just limited to the typical silver, limited black and very rare copper colored coolers. Now we have white, blue, orange and red to add to the mix. Very nice.

Another positive thought on this is cooler is the design allows the cooling of not just the processor but everything else that surrounds it. With the increase in voltages to overclock the CPU does result in additional heat on the VRM of the motherboard which are usually cooled by passive means. That changes with a cooler like the TC14CS as the fans blows down through the fins and right towards the motherboard.

The installation of the cooler is pretty straightforward but we did read the instructions a little to make sure we were doing things correctly. Our only complaint was that screwing the Allen screws of the plates already mounted to the cooler to that of the plates fixed to the motherboard was not fun at all. Even with the extra-long Allen wrench it seemed to take some time to finish this step as the screws are completely underneath the fins of the cooler.

If you are working with a case with little height clearance or a system being fitted for a living space like the family room you can't go work with this cooler.

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