Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler

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Closer look

The TC14CS is another example of how Phanteks is listening to the people who are looking to buy. Also it shows how Phanteks is paying attention to the way the market is going. The current trend is people are starting to coordinate many of the components in their PC. It begun with the case and explosive from there. Phanteks gave the consumer five different color variations with the TC14PE. And now with this new cooler there are also five choices: white, red, orange, black and blue which we will be review here today.

As usual we will spills the beans on the basics of the cooler before we go any further. The weight of the TC14CS is a little on the heavy side weighing 1.6 lbs. with just one fan and 1.9 lbs. with the both fans installed. Where the new cooler has an advantage over the bigger brother is the total height of the cooler which is 5.5” with both fans incorporated into the build.

We haven’t mentioned which so I think this is a good time to do it. The TC14CS is a C-style cooler which means the configuration is totally different from the typical tower-style cooler. Instead of the fan being perpendicular to the heat pipes, the fan lays horizontal and at some point the heat pipes are also. This normally forces air down over the top of the cooler and helps to cool the surrounding components as well.

We stated some information of the two technologies that was unique to the TC14PE in its article but the same applies to this new cooler so the information has been quoted:

“We stated earlier in the article that Phanteks uses two technologies to help improve the cooling capacity of the cooler. The first is called P.A.T.S or Physical Antioxidant Thermal Shield. This is a coating that allows the cooler to reflect any heat products by any surrounding component like a video card.

The other tech Phanteks used is called C.P.S.C or Cold Plasma Spraying Coating. This is a special coating that is applied to a metal to allow it to adsorb heat at a faster rate. We have no way of testing to see if these new processes really work so we will take Phanteks word for it.”

The fins of the cooler as made of aluminium which is quite typical for any cooler and there is a total of 44 of them. Looking at the top of the cooler we can see they are interlocked at all four corners of the cooler and down the middle on each side.  The fins have a center channel going down the middle of the sides this is for the securing of the fans with wire clamps.

And like the TC14PE the last fin of the array is capped with a logo encrusted display featuring the Phanteks name. This same top plate also hides the end of the heat pipes for a cleaner look.

The cooler consist of five heat pipes that measure 8mm in diameter. The pipes are packed pretty tight at the base of the cooler but spreads out gradually as it reaches the fin array.

At the base of the cooler we see part of the SoliSku in the form of the mounting bracket is already installed. This does save a little bit of time during the installation process.

The actual base of the cooler doesn’t have the shiniest of finishes but it is well machined and rather flat. Like the heat pipes it is layered in Nickel but made of copper.

As far as the fans are concerned, the cooler comes with two PH-F140TS 140mm blowers. The fans have a max spin of 1300 RPM but when used with the PWM plugs the spins is reduced to 700 to 1200 RPM. In non-PWM mode the dBA level is at 19.6 and moves 88.6 CFM of air. Using the adapters the dBA has a range of 13.4 to 19 moving between 45.1 and 78.1 CFM of air. No matter the configuration the fans are really quiet.

The cooler comes with all the accessories to mount the cooler to all AMD sockets dating back to AM2 and all Intel’s dating back to 775.