Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler

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With the introduction of the PH-TC14PE, Phanteks has positioned itself in a place that is hard to move upwards from. Why do we say this? Well, when your first product to market is one of the best in a particular category it is difficult to top its success.

Visually speaking, the cooler is definitely not an eye-sore. To be frank it is one of the nice looking coolers that I have come upon. The lines are clean, everything is pretty much uniform and we love the fact you don’t see the ends of the heat pipes sticking out the top of the cooler. And if that isn’t enough the cooler comes in several different colors allows us to better coordinate our systems. Even the wires of the fans are sleeved for a more attractive look.

Yes, looks are one thing and performance is another. But in the case of this particular it has it both. By default the cooler comes with two fans and will support three total. With just the two the cooler is top notch in performance adding a third just throws it over the top. Is it enough to dethrone the king which is the Noctua D14. We were not able to find that out as we do not have the socket 2011 mounting for the Noctua. But we will update you with the results.

For the most part the assembly of the cooler was not bad, especially on the Intel 2011 socket. It took us a matter of just a couple of minutes to get the cooler mounted to the motherboard. The fun or lack there so was getting the wires through the little rubber fittings that attaches to the fan. Once this is done it is smooth sailing.

The found the cooler selling for $90-$100 at retailers that we were familiar with. This makes the Phanteks offering the most expensive air cooler we have ever tested.

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