NZXT Havik 120 CPU Cooler

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Closer look

The NZXT Havik 120 is constructed using the typical tower-design well in this case dual tower design. As of lately the dual tower design has been leading the way as the highest performing CPU coolers. Many companies have put out some form of cooler utilizing the design and many have performed pretty well.

The Havik 120 weighs in at 980 grams or 2.16 pounds fully assembled. 2.16 pounds may sound like a lot of weight on a motherboard but if you take a look at some of the coolers we have been reviewing, the Havik could be considered a lightweight.

Clearance from the base to the top of the cooler is only 6.3 inches. This is near the border line of being considered a tall cooler. Many of the current cases have no issues with a cooler of this height. The only problem would be the clearance to the left and right of the cooler where the DIMM slots are located. With our test motherboard which is an ASUS X79 Deluxe we had no problems using four DIMM due to the motherboard’s configuration.

The Havik uses a total of four 8mm heat pipes compared to the larger brother’s six 6mm heat pipes. The pipes start at the top of the cooler and runs down through the base where it makes a u-turn and ends also at the top of the cooler.

The fins of the cooler are obviously made of aluminum. They are densely arranged to allow sufficient air to flow across uninterrupted. As you see from the images they are slots cut in the edges for securing of the fans.

The base of the Havik 120 is made of copper but covered in Nickel plating. The base is without a polished surface but shows signs of machining. I am not one to consider this a negative towards a cooler as well have seen coolers perform extremely well with a glossy base.

The 120mm cooling fans are of a 13-blade variation. They use a standard 3-pin connection so you immediately know they are not PWM controlled. They operate at 1200 RPM with a noise level of 22 dBA which is not bad at all. The uses of two fans do eliminate the need for loud powerful fans.

The cooler comes with everything needed to adapt the unit to any current socket motherboard. One piece of the accessory kit that stands out is the fan Y-splitter that will allow both fans to connect to one header on the motherboard. Using this will make both fans run at 1200 RPM and 18 dBA.