Cooler Master NotePal X3 Silent Laptop Cooling Pad

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The Cooler Master NotePal is one of the best looking cooler to come across our doorsteps. The big ‘X’ design still remains a part of the series. Using a large fan than the previous model, the 200mm unit in this cooler shows more promise than the smaller fans of the x3. The blue LED adds a little splash but only if the user wants to show it off.

The noise level of the NotePal X3 was not bad at all. Under most conditions we did not hear much from it. But once placed on a hard surface like wood, the unit did vibrate just a little.

If you are what I would call an average-Joe PC user on a laptop that has non-discrete graphics and lacks a workhorse of a processor, the X3 will do the job just fine. And that goes for any laptop from 12” to 17”.

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