Prolimatech Super Mega

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Introduction to the Prolimatech Super Mega

With the amount of press Prolimatech has gotten over the two years since their entrance into the cooling world, you would have thought they have been around for decades. Since the time they released the ever popular Megahalems, the media and review sites have been giving them great reviews. Rightfully so, as the Megahalems and Shadow Megahalems have performed well beyond that of those from other manufacturers. Recently we reviewed another cooler from Prolimatech, this time titled Armageddon. The Armageddon was another high performance cooler but was aimed at individuals whose system lacks space to the left and right of the CPU location but had plenty above.

Today, we are taking a look at the latest cooler from Prolimatech's arsenal, aptly named the Super Mega, because it is just that a super sized Megahalems. Living up to it's name the Super Mega weighs in at 945 grams, compared to the 790 grams of the Megahalems, which the extra weight to the cooler comes in the form of added copper. The dimensions do remain the same as the original cooler though.

Prolimatech's take on the Super Mega

Following the huge success of Megahalems comes the super edition, the SUPER MEGA!! It's a hybrid of copper and aluminum for an unmatched level of performance while still keeping it under one kilogram. We have also included an option to install extra pounds of pressure for an even tighter contact between the heatsink base and the CPU.

Just when you think air cooling has reached its bottleneck, Prolimatech goes and pulls another one out of the hat. The Mega Trio: First the Megahalems, then the Mega Shadow and now the Super Mega!