Scythe Rasetsu Top Flow CPU Cooler

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Introduction to Scythe Rasetsu Top Flow CPU Cooler

If you think the next heat sink up for review looks familiar to you then you must be an avid vistor to the pages of Pro-Clockers. The new Rasetsu from Scythe does share a heavy resemblance to the Yasya, which we reviewed some time ago. As to what makes them look so similar is to their utilization of the Trident Multi Layer Fin technology, or T.M.L.F. for short.

This new technology is Scythe’s way of allowing for more surface area via the trident–like fin design, to allow for fresh air to blow across without as much effort. What separates the new Rasetsu from it's sibling the Yasya is the fact of it not being a tower style like the Yasya, but a top flow type cooler, or "table-top" as I like to call it. Besides the family resemblance, which is the better cooler? That is precisely what we will find out.

Scythe’s take on the Rasetsu

Rasetsu combines the outstanding design of the Yasya CPU Cooler with a top-flow layout. The newly developed T.M.L.F.(Trident Multi Layer Fin) structure provides a higher intake volume, thus enabling a more efficient use of the unparalleled Six Heatpipe Construction. Equipped with new "Slip Stream 120 PWM Adjustable" fan, user can manually adjust the bandwidth between 470 to 1,370 rpm and 740 to 1,900 rpm. Rasetsu using the VTMS-Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System for quick and safe mounting.