Zerotherm ZT-10D CPU Cooler

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Of course before one can test the cooler, you have to first install it! The installation process begins with us aligning the four motherboard bolts in the back plate, which is compatible with both AMD and Intel CPU types. One advantage of mounting the cooler this way is that the load of the cooler is spread out across a larger surface of the motherboard, helping to ease the imposed stress when board is mounted upright in a case .

Next, is a matter of sliding the bolts through the motherboard mounting holes. Good hand-eye coordination makes this step easy. If you'll notice that on either side of the outer holes have a small notch in them, this is for the bolts as they have a protrusion that slips in there so when you are on the opposite side of the board tightening the nuts down the bolts don't spin as well. 

After placing the thermal compound to the top of the processor we mounted the cooler and secured it by using the included thumb screws.

Zerotherm does not include any fans with the ZT-10D, they did however send us over two of their high performance ZT-120F fluid bearing fans. Their specs are 120x120x25mm in size, with their power requirements of 12v and 0.20A. That small bit of amperage means they draw only 2.4W each. Screws and rubber nipples are included for both secure or quiet mounting. Two small resistor equipped adapters (blue and black plug cables) to further drop their RPM  if you are finding them noisier than you prefer, and also provided is a 3pin to 4pin Molex adapter for the second fan in case your out of fan headers on the motherboard.

A completely assembled and mounted Zerotherm ZT-10D.