Lian Li PC-A71F Full Tower

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Introduction to the Lian Li PC-A71F

If you mention the words computer chassis and elegance in the same sentence, there are usually two case manufacturers mentioned afterwards. One of those companies would be Lian Li. All of their cases have a touch of class. Even their PC-888 and PC-777, as different as they are, still have a sense of taste about them.

The thing with Lian Li is when you want the refinement of the brand you will have to spend a little. During these economic times, that could be a little difficult. In response to the economy, Lian Li developed Lan Cool. The goal of Lan Cool is to put out cases of quality, but at a more user-friendly price point. We've seen this with the Dragonlord PC-K56. Some SECC metal and plastic panels allow people with limited budgets to own a nice case with Lian Li style and workmanship.

The economy did not keep Lian Li from producing their top of the line products. The PC-A71F is an example of the quality that Lian Li puts out with each of their cases. The A71F is a tall tower that stands an incredible two feet tall. Handcrafted from aluminum, the unit is designed for the person looking for every option and feature imaginable in a case. If you are looking for an attractive case just to house all your components or looking to build a massive water-cooled gaming rig, Lian Li has given you the PC-A71F. Now it is time to take a closer look at the case to check out all the new features it has to offer.

Lian Li take on the PC-A71F

In 2009, Lian Li has introduced introduce the unbeatable PC-A71F for the PC gaming enthusiasts, and gaming professionals who want a high quality product with a unique flavor. The PC-A71F is manufactured in TAIWAN; handcrafted from high quality aluminum and incorporates Lian Li’s finest workmanship which has built up over more than two decade’s worth of experience.