Sunbeamtech Ultra-Tech Station Acrylic Case

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Introduction to the Sunbeamtech Ultra-Tech Station Acrylic Case

If you are a member of a tech website or an IT technician a need for a tech bench is a most. For years I have made makeshift benches out of old shelving, table tops and other furniture pieces my wife deem is old and useless. Yeah, there are many retailers selling test benches but they are in the neighborhood of $140 to $300. This is the price range of mid to high end cases. So I never felt it necessary to go purchase one especially when I have perfect good "old" furniture available to use for the same purpose.

Today, we will take a look at the most reasonable priced tech bench on the market in the form of the Sunbeamtech Ultra-Tech Station. Functionally and visually I see the Sunbeamtech Ultra-Tech offering the same features the HighSpeedPC and others. The Ultra-Tech is made of nothing but clear acrylic sheets and a couple pieces of metal that have to be put together once pulled from the box. Besides the thirty minutes or so of building time the Ultra-Tech has a lot to offer. So, lets take a look at what it does offer.

Sunbeamtech's take on the Ultra-Tech Station

The Ultra-Tech Station Acrylic Case was designed for the DIY fanatics!  We placed the ease of instillation at the top of the list and designed this unique case with ultra quick component mounting design for all internal components from hard drive to mother board.  We even made sure that installation of power supply was quick too!  We also felt that even though speed and ease was the primary objective, having cables dangling all around is just too unsightly, so three cable through-hole was place at key locations to tidy the cables up. 

As for the easy-to-loose screws, we made sure that they are always available when you need them by providing you with 8 spare holes, which can also be used to hold your screw drivers if you so incline.  The Ultra-Tech Station not only provides you with ultra easy installations, it is equally easy during removal of components.  The case is also free from side panels to allow for free-flowing air to naturally cool down the system, a breakthrough in cooling design that will challenge the idea that acrylic cases have poorer cooling capability.  The Ultra-Tech Station, designed to please the DIY monster in you!