Lancool DragonLord PC-K56 Budget Gaming Tower

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Lancool DragonLord PC-K56

Introduction of the Lancool DragonLord PC-K56

For a lot of people the high-end cases from companies like Silverstone and Lian Li. Cases that many of us feel that are the best looking and most functional on the market. For so long I looked at these cases as the Royce Roses of the industry. I am sure you know what I mean. You see someone else with it and you dream about having one yourself one day. If you don't have that feeling towards a case you may have had it with a processor or a motherboard that was far out of range of your budget.

If you are a fan of such cases from Lian Li then you will be happy that Lian Li produces some really nice and inexpensive cases under another brand. That brand is Lancool. Looking at some of the Lancool cases you see a lot of Lian Li characteristics in the cases. It seems that Lian Li is wanting to satisfy more that the person with extra funds in his/her bank account but the mainstream and budget builders. This is a route that many are taking: Coolermaster, Antec and others.

Recently Lancool has released a new series of cases called Dragonlord. The Dragonlord series consist of four models: K62, K60, K58 and the lower model K56. Each of the cases has a few more options than the lower models but all generally share similar front facials which is a predominantly mesh. The model we will be concentrating on will be the K56. The K56 offers a lot of tool-less options that will put the building time at a minimum. If you want to know more about this new case then you have to read the rest of the review.

About Lancool

“Better idea, innovation for batter life experience”

LanCool was founded with the target of providing the product with better thermal solution, more style, and more user friendly. To provide best IT products, LanCool headquarter located in Taiwan, to provide high quality products and service, our products were designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

Our Business Philosophy


Quality is the most key element of our product, we have put a lot of effect into detail, make sure our product is finished in high quality standard.

LanCool’s ID and R&D teams spent a lot time to design and create new product which with latest technology, and use it in our product, to ensure our product is up to dated.

Speed is LanCool’s advantage. Our in-house ID and R&D team, and professional factories, can turn the concept into the reality in very short time.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, to achieve that, LanCool will respond customer’s request within one working day, and provide solution no more than three working days.

Future Prospects
Our goal is to provide complete product lines as total service, from cases to power supplies, keyboards to mice. To satisfy our clients, we will continue to devote resources to developing more advanced technologies, retaining a spirit of innovation. It will also continue to refine its operations, enhancing efficiency and making the company even more responsive to customer needs and market changes as they arise, efficient, and providing even better service to customers.

LanCool will put all it’s efforts to retain its promise to customers to be their best partner.