Azza Fantom 900 Mid-Tower ATX Tower

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Azza Fantom 900 Mid-Tower ATX Tower

Introduction of the Azza Fantom 900 Mid-Tower ATX Tower

Hop onto today and request mid-tower cases under $100 and you’ll pull up 500+ results.  How then are you to decide what case is worthy of your new zombie killing WWII smoking PC innards?  I mean you don’t want something that tears your hands up trying to fit your parts inside, and what if you want to upgrade later to water-cooling, or will your overclocked CPU and GPU burn up in a ball of flames, can this case handle it?  One of the best ways to find what you need is of course to come here to and let us show you what’s out there that we recommend!

Today was Christmas in July for me.  I answered the door to find a large package from a small computer chassis/power supply vendor called Azza.  I’ll tell you up front, there is a lot about the Fantom 900 case to love.  The appearance and quality is top notch and it’s full of small thoughtful goodies that make it a step, or two, above its fellow 500+ cases.  Thumb screws galore are located throughout this case making install and tear down a breeze.  Airflow through their massive fans is superb and there is even room for more to be added (can we get it to hover folks?).  Vibration damping, wire routing, it is a well thought out and laid out case!

Azza take on the Fantom 900

The AZZA Fantom 900 case is designed especially with the needs of PC Enthusiasts and Gamers in mind. With your gaming hardware producing a ton of heat, choosing the right case with superb thermal management becomes vital. This PC chassis provides an ultra-efficient cooling system to keep your components air-cooled while you are on the hunt. A monster 230mm blue LED fan is top-mounted to exhaust the hot air produced as a result of CPU operation. A second monster 230mm blue LED fan is installed on the side for cold air intake. One 140mm blue LED fan is built-in locate in the front panel, drawing cold air in to maintain the HDD cage in low temperature. And a120mm fan in the back panel exhausts hot air out of the system. In summary, Fantom's superior thermal management includes two 230mm monster fans, one 140mm fan and one 120mm fan that work en masse to provide an exceptional cooling system for your gaming needs.

An adjustable PSU support bridge is located in the bottom. You may choose to install the PSU with the fan facing either up or down, for air intake or exhaust. The pre-drilled fan holes right underneath all but help to eliminate the PSU as one of the heat sources in the case!

There is more! With five 5.25" and eight 3.5" drives bays, you'll have all the room you need to build your dream system in this case. The USB and Audio ports are conveniently located on the top of the case, designed for easy access. Furthermore, cable can be routed behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray, thus minimizing clutter and improving airflow.

Manufactured with high-quality workmanship and designed with a stylish exterior, the AZZA Fantom 900 has gaming performance squeezed into a stellar value computer case.

If you haven’t heard of Azza, here’s a brief introduction to the company:

Jump started with the Vision to build a premier corporate company that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers, team members and partners, AZZA is driven by the Mission to provide the highest quality products of unmatched value, along with exemplary customer support. We do this via the efforts of a highly dedicated, professional, productive and experienced workforce who shares a commitment to the long-term growth and success of the company.

AZZA’s Mission is simple: Your satisfaction is our success!

These are pretty good goals for an up and coming vendor if you ask me. Now we just have to see if the Fantom 900 case can live up to these ambitious statements.