Cooler Master HAF XM Mid Tower

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The Cooler Master HAF XM could be the ideal case for gaming on a moderate budget. With ease the case will hold any of today’s gaming video cards as well as numerous drives and we can forget about support for eATX motherboards. These three things is what makes up most of the components of a gaming system.

When considering a case to build upon, it usually begins with looks as we don’t want to be looking at a case all day they we did not like. And the CM HAX XM is really not a bad looking case. Are there better looking towers out there? Sure there are. But we do like the fact that the HAF XM offers a more subtle look than the rest of the HAF line-up. This helps the XM to crossover to other realms and not just for building a gaming rig.

As far as cooling is concerned we thought out of the box the fans that are included was adequate. A rear 140mm and two more 200mm fans in the top and front allows a fair amount of air to enter and enough pushing tower to allow generated warm air to escape. Additional sizes ranging from 120mm to 200mm can be implemented into the case for those that want more cooling and air movement. Even water cooling can be added to the equation. With a little creativity dual and triple rads can be XM for even better CPU and GPU cooling.

I like how CM gave to the case a number of little features to help the XM worth its asking price. It begins with the dual X-Dock drive bays, motherboard tray SSD mounting option,LED power switch, large fans and the side panel latching system. The little things is what makes a case and this one has several.

For those there are worrying according to CM's global site there will be a windowed side panel for the HAF XM.

We tried really hard to find something we did not like about the Cooler Master HAF XM. And the only really compliant was the asking price of the case. Word on the streets is the HAF XM will retail for about $130 making it one of the more expensive cases.

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