Silverstone SUGO SG08 mini-ITX Case

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Build Images

Here we have an ASUS motherboard based on the H67 chipset in place. The size of the MB is a great indication of just how much room is in the SG08.

Your choice of CPU cooling is very limited. The maximum size cooler that can be used is slightly larger than the stock OEM cooler that comes with your processor. With the stock cooler we found that we had about another inch of clearance. Tower coolers are out of the question.

Before you can do much more you have to install your GPU at this moment. The combination of GPU, PSU and cabling makes cable management impossible. In our experiences with the SG08 and large video cards we found out it was better to insert the GPU from the top of the case and not the side. The combination of reset and power plug interfered with the installation of the GPU.

After the GPU is installed we place back the HDD cage and the optical drive rack. Right angle SATA cable is a must when installing the optical drive as the back of the drive and the fan housing come close to one another.