Lian Li PC-C60 Desktop / HTPC Case

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Introduction to the Lian Li PC-C60 HTPC Case

The whole home theater PC trend seems to be at a standstill because of the huge surge in media player sales. However, there are many things which a good home HTPC system can do but a media player cannot. Can you play games on a media payer? No. Can you browse the internet on a media player? Not most, as a few can like the D-Link Boxee. Can you post your life away on Facebook and Google Plus? Nope. This is just a short list of things a good HTPC system can do that are simply not in either the hardware, or software, capabilities of a media player.

Lian Li knows this and are making more and more home theater cases as the needs of the end users change. Their latest HTPC case is the PC-C60, offering a lot of features which most cases of this type do not. To start with it has USB 3.0, room for several hard drives, more than enough cooling/air flow and the ability to support full-size ATX motherboards. All that, and you still get the Lian Li quality, and aluminum construction, that we have grown to love.