Cooler Master Centurion 5 II

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Centurion 5 II

In today’s PC market there are three trends when it comes to computer cases. The first would be the simplistic look that we are seeing from many manufacturers like Lian Li, Silverstone Cooler Master ATCS, Corsair and so one. Then there is the gaming series of cases that are very popular and hit the market like a thunderstorm. Some prime examples would be Cooler Master HAF series, Antec Performance line-up and the Thermaltake Armor class. The last sort fall under what what I call the 'budget-yet-functional' class. This last class generally retails for less than $100, but offers a lot of the features of a top dollar enclosure. Our latest test subject just so happens to be one of these models.

The newly released Centurion 5 II  by Cooler Master, is a perfect example of trying to put all the functionality that one needs into a case, without ending up with something you'll having to spend your entire budget on in order to purchase. And yet even with the inclusion of all that functionality you are not losing out on any styling or grace. The Centurion 5 II is a very handsome case that will blend right in no matter what you are looking to build, be that a moderate gaming rig or just a simple office machine.

Cooler Master's take on the Centurion 5 II

The all new Centurion 5 II has been vastly improved from the inside. This mid-tower chassis is designed with increased drive bay capacity, more airflow thanks to the enhanced ventilation and fan options and easy-to-install features. This is a multi-purpose chassis that you cannot go wrong with.