NZXT Hades Crafted Series Tower

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Closer look at the NZXT Hades from the inside

I still cannot get over the fully painted interior.  So nice to open it up and not see any naked metal.  I love the screw-less rail design, makes for fast loading and or switching.  I played around with it for a bit and when locked in you feel safe that your drives etc will not come loose. 

Another well thought out feature was the cable management holes provided for you.  I have seen this on quite a few cases lately, but not with the rubber protectors that NZXT provided. This not only looks better, but it holds the wires more firmly in place and keeps them from rubbing on the exposed metal, possibly causing a short.  You can see that they provided 3 conveniently placed cutouts for your use. 

You have plenty of room for your optical drives or pop out cup holders/ash trays and hard drive bays.

Towards the back, the 120mm works hard at cooling off your components and you will find your bottom mounted power supply opening.  Another nice touch is the power supply stand offs are rubber to keep noise down from vibrations, they could have added two more for those of us with extra large power supplies. 

The backside of the case gives you a better look at the cable management at work.  Another feature I found useful is the large cutout for access to the back of the motherboard behind the CPU.  If you are like many and you have one of those massive CPU coolers, or even a normal one, having access to the back plate for mounting means you don’t have to remove the motherboard to make a swap.  It also helps with cooling and keeps the back from building up heat.

The Hades provides you with three temperature probes and display.  Here you can see two of the probes, which are labeled for you.  The inside of the front access panel provides you with a push button switch to allow you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.