Coolermaster CM690 II Advance Mid Tower

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Closer look at the interior

Opening up the case will open up a whole new world it seems, well compared to the older model. The first thing you will notice and if you don't you must be seeing impaired is the black interior. Seeing the entire inside pure black made me see what the attraction to this was. After the shock of the blackness you will notice the openings in the motherboard tray. There is a single large one that should line up right behind the motherboard socket. There are several others to the right and also near the power supply.

Up front is the location for all the storage drives you would need in a build. Starting at the top is the four bay optical drive bays. Optical drives are secured into place using these plastic slides. Hard drives are secured into small trays and inserted back in a cage. More on this later. The bottom half of the cage can be removed to allow for fans or for a water-cooling radiator. Blowing over the top of the half of the cage is a 140mm cooling fan. Covering the lower half is a 120mm cooling fan. This small tray is one is what will allow you to place all your needed hard drives in the case. But this is the only one with that has the 3.5" to 2.5" adapter for an SSD. If you need to convert one of the larger 5.25" bays into a small 3.5" one adapters are included to do just that.

The bottom of the case is where the power supply would be stored. Depending on the length of the PSU being used two 120/140mm cooling cases can aid in air circulating. The adventurous type may place a radiator for water-cooling here. I see a future main rig build here. May be time to get back in the liquid cooling hobby.

For the most part the rear of case there isn't much to explain. Besides the 120mm cooling fan and the expansion PCI slot for expansion there isn't much more. Honestly, how exciting could the rear of a case be.

Coolermaster at of late has been concentrating a lot on their motherboard trays. And the result is there is no company that produces a case with better cable management possibilities. There are plenty of cut-outs in the tray to make the routing of cable painless and less time consuming. There is even an enlarged cut-out for accessible to the back of the motherboard to change out coolers. And if you want you can even place a thin 80mm fan behind the board.

You really can't get more into Advance case. The bottom even has several opening for fan placement and ventilation. The placement to the far left is for the power supply's fan exhaust. While two other positions have been laid out for fan usage or even a water-cooling rad can be integrated into the case without modification. Coolermaster thought of everything while developing this case. Here we removed the dust cover from the bottom of the case. Each fan location has one of these except for the back rear fan.

Here we removed the top of the case to show you just what you are working with. The Advance II is one of the few cases that will not cost you an arm and a leg that can house dual radiators from a water-cooling setup.

One of the last things included in with the CM 690 Advance II is a VGA bracket that allow you to better secure your graphic cards in place. Ideal if you plan on using a card like the Radeon HD 5970 or Nvidia GTX 295. The bracket will even hold a 80mm fan for extra cooling.