Coolermaster CM690 II Advance Mid Tower

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Introduction to the Coolermaster CM690 II Advance

How many times have we seen this scenario. You go out to a movie and you love it. And just as much as you loved it many other people loved it just as much. So many people that it becomes the best selling movie that year or even decade. And you would think to yourself a sequel can not top this. There is no way you can make the second one better than the first. Sounds familiar?

Well, the same scenario can be had with PC cases. There are times where you will see a new case, go out and buy. You begin your build and you realize that you made the best decision ever. Everything goes together without issue. Cable management is great, cooling is good and the overall look of your work was well worth your time.

I remember when I tested the Coolermaster CM690. It was one of the best budget cases around. It was so great of a case that many people looking to pay $150 plus for a case were buying the CM690 which cost a mere $80 or so. Even though it was not the first case to offer the now trendy mesh front face, it did help a lot to make it as popular as it is. The CM690 was feature rich for the dollar and is still popular today. But keeping intact with the scenario above Coolermaster has revamped the CM690 into what we will be reviewing today, the CM 690 Advance II. Even more feature rich the Advance II and will undoubtedly make history again.

Coolermaster take on the CM690 II Advance

CM 690 II Advanced raises the bar again with practical improvements over the top-selling CM 690. The spacious mid-tower will keep enthusiasts happy with room for up to 3 VGA cards, high-end CPU coolers, top or bottom mount water cooling radiator and 1.8"/2.5" drive adapter. It also features much improved airflow with over-sized mesh and enough space for up to 10 fans. Maintenance will be a breeze with the tool-free drive bays, new cable management and CPU cooler retention hole.