Coolermaster USP 100 Mid Tower

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Closer look at the outside

For those that looking for something different but not wanting to broke the bank to get, the new USP 100 may be right up your alley. The new case is a nice change from the normal. What is normal today? Well, we are seeing basically the same visual presents from most of the cases today. It seems that all today's cases consist of the same mesh favored design. Granted the design is nice but the number of cases being produced is atmospheric. The new USP 100 processes the same design but with a small twist. That twist would be red mesh with a break in the design due to the plastic gate with the Coolermaster logo power button. More on that later. At just over nineteen inches in height you will not be looking at a tall case. But one I would call regular size. And to continue the theme of 'regular' size we don't see the extra wide enclosure like that of the Sniper and HAF 932.

The USP 100 has four optical bays. Each of the bays continues the mesh theme. You will not believe the flow this new case has. Below the bays is a narrow plastic band that goes from one side to the other. In the middle of the band is the Coolermaster logo. The logo serves as the power button as well. Nice idea and surprising we done see more of this. Underneath is a mesh area that is protecting a 120mm red LED cooling fan. For addition air intake there are two vents (one on each side) also painted red. Above the bays is a narrow strip that is the power indicator. We will show you more of this after the build is done.

The top of the cases is about as plain as I have seen from a Coolermaster case in a long time. The rear has no ventilation whatsoever not even places for additional fans. Ahead of this is the I/O area of the case which consists of two USB ports side by side and two audio plugs.

Looking for window in your next case? I guess the USP 100 will not be your case of choice. Either of the two side panels have a window. But the left side panel has to vented areas that can be placement for two additional fans which could be between 80mm and 120mm. The rear of the USP 100 just as plain as the side panels. The only thing of real interest is the bottom mount PSU.

There is not much doing at the rear of the case. But we see the first sign of the power supply.