Coolermaster USP 100 Mid Tower

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Introduction to the Coolermaster USP 100

In order to dominate the mid-range tower market you have to release a fair share of cases. We see it from all the manufactures. Companies like Coolermaster, Thermaltake, NZXT and others have several cases that will only set you back a few bucks, less than $100. Then we have companies that are known to make cases that are far out of our reach producing cases now in this same range. Silverstone has a small assortment and Lian Li has their offspring Lan Cool building their lower end cases. Great move for all those involved. The companies make money and the consumer get a nice low dollar case.

One of the companies named in the upper paragraph is Coolermaster. Coolermaster is one of those companies that no matter what range of case you are looking for they have you covered. From the budget Sileo and Centurion to the awesomely nice ATCS 840. I myself have been a big fan of the HAF 932. But Coolermaster right now is considering the budget minded individual with their next offering. The USP 100 is a mid tower that offers a change in styling that is gamer towards the enthusiast not over-the-top appearance but want some that is not plain and simple. The new red and black design bungled with a 550 watt eXtreme Power Plus PSU even made me thinking about using it in my next build. But is that enough to get you to consider the case? We will see.

Coolermaster take on the USP 100

USP 100 (RC-P100) is a mid--tower that is created with enthusiast in mind, built with the classic black body structure and a sophisticated touch of crimson. Combined with eXtreme Power Plus 550W, USP 100 is exclusively available for a fully featured performance solution. USP 100 comes with superior airflow design that supports up to 4 fans. The front is fully meshed and the PSU placed at the bottom is aimed to achieve the optimal ventilating environment.