NZXT Panzerbox Welded Aluminum Tower

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Installation of the Panzerbox is simple. It all begins with the removal of the motherboard tray. MOunt the motherboard with most components already attached. In the case of the CPU cooler just as long as the cooler does not stand taller that case fan attached to the tray panel you are fine with installing it as well without clearance issues.

No matter where you decide to place the hard drive, you are guaranteed to get fresh cool air blowing across it. Simple thumbscrews secures the drives in place.

Removing one of the front face plates will allow you to easily slide a media drive into the Panzerbox and once again securing with a thumbscrew. I would recommend doing a pre-install of the media drive first due to the fact it may interfere with some of the motherboard ports or connections.

Installing the power supply is as simple as it gets. Make sure the fan of the unit is facing towards the vented side panel to eliminate unwanted warm air inside the case.