NZXT Panzerbox Welded Aluminum Tower

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Introduction of the NZXT Panzerbox

Personally, I have been looking for the perfect smaller case for an awfully long time. For the past few years, I have tried to maintain my main rig in a cube shaped case, as I was always restricted to what size motherboard I could use. Often, it was a mATX. Now I don't dislike these small motherboards, They're just not my thing. When I did find a smaller case that fit most of my needs which was mostly using a standard size motherboard, it was acrylic and did not support the length of my video card. There is always something holding you back.

A few months ago, I saw a press release on a new case from NZXT. The case was called the Panzerbox. I am very familiar with NZXT cases and power supplies. I know their quality, so from that point on, I knew I had to get the case. There are many things to love about the Panzerbox: the ability to house a standard ATX motherboard, the attention to welding detail and the massive fans in such a small space. During this review, I am sure I can find more things to like about the Panzerbox. Read along to find out just what they are.

NZXT on the Panzerbox

Panzerbox features the best airflow in its class, boasting two 190mm and one 120mm fans that churn out a combined 300 CFM. The Panzerbox's pure aluminum design makes it a light and luxurious option for travel and LAN parties and the welded chassis enhances strength and support. Dual radiator support and full expandability with room for high performance 10.5" cards, 4 hard drives, 3 5.25" drive bays, and oversized heat sinks offer gamers and enthusiasts even more options to increase performance while a removable motherboard tray makes upgrades easy and painless.