Thermaltake Element Q Mini ITX Case

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Introduction to the Thermaltake Element Q

I have been telling people that smaller form factor home computers were the future. Not everyone wants a behemoth sitting under the their desk. Many of us want something on the smaller side. Perhaps, we want something fashionable that will hold the minimum of drives and other additional components, but still has the power and performance to get the job done. We have seen companies like Zotac and DFI produce killer ITX motherboards for the current Intel and AMD sockets with a PCIe slot. Motherboards like these allow us to pack in a speedy processor with a powerful graphics card. Giving us all the performance we need.

Now we are in the market for smaller cases to house these mini power rigs. We reviewed the Coolermaster Elite 100 a few weeks ago. It is a decent little case meant to hold smaller motherboards, but more on the integrated Atom line. Nothing you would build your dream mini system around. Then, there was the Silverstone SG06, which was an awesome little case, but was more designed towards users needing something to hold a mATX but an ITX board would feel right at home in the case as well. But may be larger than one would want when looking for a case to hold an ITX motherboard.

A case with promise, the new Thermaltake Element Q, or the Q (as we will call it), fits right in home with the other members of the Element series as it shares the same black and red profile as the Element V, T and S. Straight lines, little flash and very attractive, one of the unique things about the Q is that it is one of a few pure ITX cases that allows the user to recycle one of their own 5.25" optical drives instead of using a slim-line drive. But is this the only benefit the Q has to offer to a would-be purchasers? Nope. But you have to read on to find out what else.

Thermaltake on the Element Q

Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis brand, introduces the latest addition to the Element series of PC cases, the Thermaltake Element Q. This Mini-ITX case is ideal for very small systems built on Intel’s Atom and NVIDIA’s ION platforms. With its extremely small dimensions of 130 (D) x 220 (W) x 330 (H) mm and a light-weight of merely 2.7 KG the Element Q can fit on the smallest desktop or even on the shelf between your books.

The Element Q represents the Quintessence of personal and entertainment computing as it let’s you shrink all the formerly huge components such as audio cards, video adapters, network cards and the like into one tiny system with sleek and elegant looks in a dominating black color with distinctive red lining. Quick and convenient installation is provided for by an optimized case design that allows you to use standards peripherals such as a 5.25” and even two 3.5” (one internal, one external) devices. For this small form factor category the Element Q is truly unique as you are not forced to use slim drives like with other cases.
Quietness is provided for by an overall fan-less design with ventilation grids on the right and left side as well as on the back. The specially designed pre-installed 200W SFX power supply also works without fan, further reducing noise and energy consumption.

One PCI extension slot at the back and the front side HD audio connectors add to the overall convenience, while the Power and Reset buttons are very easily accessible on the front panel.