Thermaltake Element V Full Tower

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Introduction to the Thermaltake Element V

Thermaltake has been take the new Element line and running with it. So far there have been three cases from the series: S, G, and T. Each of which is aimed at two different crowds. The S model is aimed at the professional, G model after the gamers and the T for the budget minded individual. All of them are really nice cases and have their own features that will appeal to their targeted groups.

But there is one group of individuals that have not been given a case from the Element series. This group of individuals are the enthusiasts or extreme overclockers that go beyond air cooling and single GPU setups. These people are looking for a case that can house all their water-cooling gear as well as their multi-GPU installs. The same group of people that may have a have multiple raid configurations or just want a big case. The new Element V is that case.

We said the Element V is a big and we mean it. The case stands a whooping 21" tall and has a depth of just over 21" making this case ideal for those that need and want a big case. The Element V comes in one color only and that is black. And being from the same family as the other Element models you know it is going to be able to put on a light show. Just what else does the Element V have to offer? You will have to read on to find out.

Thermaltake on the Element V

Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis brand, launches the newest full-tower PC case for demanding gamers and power-users. The Element V offers optimized airflow characteristics with 5 pre-installed heavy-duty fans, while leaving room for another 3 upgrade fans. Two 120 mm front mounted fans are blowing outside air directly through and over the drive bays with an additional oversized 230 cm ColorShift fan at the side panel taking in a vast amount of outside air and distributing it over graphics cards and CPU. Two exhaust fans in the upper area remove uprising hot air; one 120 mm rear side TurboFan and one big size ColorShift fan in the top panel. No matter how much peripherals you throw at this case, you can always rest assured they won’t ever be an air-congestion. You will rather stay cool and calm.

For users you like a vivid look and enjoy giving their case a character of it’s own, the three ColorShift fan provide you with 6 color option that can static or in motion. Adjustment of the three ColorShift fans’ color scheme and fan speed are conveniently done by a dual-function know on the top front side.