Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K58 Tower

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Introduction to the Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K58

By now, we all know that Lancool is the economy level company belonging to Lian Li. For the longest time, Lian Li has built the highest quality cases, but these cases came at a premium price. Due to the current economy, not as many people are looking to place all their hard earned money on a case. This is where Lancool comes into play. Lancool was developed to give the price conscience person access to Lian Li workmanship without spending an arm and a leg.

Traveling over to Lancool's website, you see there are two series of cases presented. The first one is the PC-K7 lines that heavily resemble it's Lian Li brethren. Then, there are the Dragon Lord series. The Dragon Lord line is easily recognizable by their plastic front and steal structures. At the same time you can see the Lian Li look in them. Quality still remains the same. We had a chance to review the smallest case of the Dragon Lord line with the K56. It was great little case. We really liked it, but at the same time we wished we had received the K58 or K62.

Well, we finally got our chance to play with one of the bigger cases in the Lancool line up, the PC-K58. The K58 looks much like the K56, but 30mm taller, a little bit heavier and with a re-designed top panel. I stated earlier that I wanted very much to review the K58 and the above is just a small reason on why. Entry level or not, I can't wait to dig into this case to see just what more is different with the K58.