Coolermaster Sileo 500 Tower

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Introduction to the Coolermaster Sileo 500

As of last we have taken a look at some of the best cases around. Many of them coming from Coolermaster, one of the leader in PC tower production. On the pages of Pro-Clockers in the past few months you will see cases like the HAF 932 LE, ATCS 840 and Sniper. All of which have been on the pricey (I am not saying them isn't worth it) or on the extreme side visually (for some). But there is another side to Coolermaster. A side that builds cost effective cases for those that want quality, functionality and good looks. Many of us are not strangers to these cases. Take a look at the Gladiator 600 and Scout Gaming Tower awesome cases for half the price of the first mentioned.

Coolermaster is adding there touch to another budget with some high-end features. The Sileo is a steel case with aluminum front facial that is simplistic to a point and remains visually attractive. Inside the tower Coolermaster loaded the sides of the case with sound dampening material and maintained the tool-less functionality that we have come to see from Coolermaster. What else does the Sileo have stored inside? Read on to find out.

CM on the Sileo 500

Sileo 500 - The cooler master's new soundproof definition to chassis. The Sileo 500 has installed sound proofing sound reduction material in 4 direction top, bottom, two sides of the chassis, anti-vibration pads in detachable HDD trays to absorb vibration and reduce noise, plus a comfort rare noise reduction pads for power supply. Besides Sileo 500 also has the tool-free technology for quick maintenance and upgrade. Sileo 500 create an absolute quiet environment, suitable for working office and study room.