Aerocool BX-500 B Series Tower

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Introduction to the Aerocool BX-500

In the beginning, Aerocool tried hard to impress gamers out there with their cases. Back then, the cases they produced were very noticeable as they were the first or one of the first to implement very large fans in the front of the tower. I know you remember the ExtremEngine. The design was so unique and different, it had everyone talking. As of late, Aerocool has not forgotten about gamers and their needs, but have started to embrace other demographics  looking for quality cases. A group of people Aerocool is trying to satisfy are pretty much like me. Someone looking for finer lines, simplistic sleek lines and a classy decor. Taking a ride over to Aerocool's site, you see that they have you covered no matter what your taste is.

Now that you are back on our site, you may have seen Aerocool has broken down their new line of cases into five categories. Trust me, you will see most of them on the pages of Pro-Clockers. The five classes are V for Value, R, S for Silver line which would include all Aluminum cases, B for Black label which would be for the gamers and last, the Q, which includes all compact cases. Scott has reviewed the first V series case which was the VX-9 Pro. A great looking case that Scott really enjoyed researching. Today is my turn to take a look at one of the new Aerocool cases. My case will come from the B series and is called the BX-500.

The BX-500 is a mid-size tower that comes in black and covered in mesh which is a style that many manufacturers are using these days. This is far from the rad stylings of AeroCool's past. The lines are straight and clean and would put you in the mind of the Cooler Master CM 690, but with many more features. These features are important enough every manufacturer should add them to their cases. Read through the following pages and see what this new case is all about.