Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Limited Edition

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Introduction to the Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Limited Edition

The HAF 932 was one of the biggest hits this year for Cooler Master. The case offered tons of space for everything one would put in a tower, even a couple of water-cooling loops. The HAF was one of the first cases to offer really great cable management. Cooler Master put everything they had in this case. Only thing is at the time, it was only offered in a black exterior along with a plain Jane silver interior. Then came Black edition that was entirely covered in black paint. This was a call everybody was wanting, including myself.You often can't get a black interior, when you are looking to build a rig around black motherboards like eVGA, MSI and Asrock.

Cooler Master decided to build on their creative edge and release a new style based on the HAF 932. To go along with the Black edition, we now have the AMD Fusion edition. Without saying, I am sure you can guess the color combination for this new case. Yeah, you got it right: red and black. It is obvious that the case is aimed at the AMD fan boy, but the awesome looks would make an Intel buff build a rig around it. We're going to keep it real for this review and keep the AMD theme going. Lets take a closer look at the AMD Limited edition HAF 932.

Cooler Master take on the HAF 932 AMD Limited Edition

In collaboration with AMD, Cooler Master unleashes an AMD edition of the critically acclaimed HAF 932 which transforms your machine into beast. The HAF 932 AMD edition adds racing red to the front and is branded with the AMD dragon on the acrylic see-through side panel, representing great power and toughness to compliment the revolutionary High Air Flow structure to enhance and protect any hardware.