Eagle Arion AR508LR 2.1 Soundstage Speakers with Subwoofer and Remote

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Closer look

Let’s see what you get after unwrapping all the plastic.  After all looks are a very important part of any purchase, plus your speakers stand out in your pc area.  You don’t want to be stuck looking at something you can’t stand every day.

You get a very shiny front surface with two 3” tweeters rated at 15 Watts RMS for your satellite speakers.  I was a little surprised that there were no covers or protection over the tweeters, but the look it creates added to my attraction to them.  Around back you have the attached wiring and a sound tube.  They tell you these are solid wood enclosures and I can’t argue that.  All surfaces are covered in a laminate and everything is so well put together that I could not find any naked wood to check.  My guess is that they are made from MDF, which is wood, but not necessarily my definition of solid wood.  Since there is no way to verify, we will trust Eagle. 

The subwoofer enclosure is where all the action is.  It sports the same shiny black front, the LCD panel and function buttons and these are housed in a silver racing stripe running down the middle.

Here you can see the LCD panel in action.  It tells you what you have selected, like Aux, CD, Mute, Volume, Bass and Treble.  It also works as a VU meter, showing how hard the music is hitting.  The subwoofer has a 6.5” driver and is rated at 40 Watts RMS, so it does have some good bass punch.

From the side you can see the subwoofer opening and the bass tube.

The back of the subwoofer is where all the setup takes place.  The satellite speakers are plugged in here and you have a audio input open for you to use for maybe your Xbox or a CD player.  One item I was happy to see was the MP3/4 player hookup.  Very important to have these days.