Eagle Arion AR508LR 2.1 Soundstage Speakers with Subwoofer and Remote

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Packaging and Contents

I was impressed with the packaging and the care of the contents when Eagle shipped me their Arion ET-AR508LR-BK’s.  Not only was the box it came in well designed and good looking, but the contents were well protected from the sometimes heavy hands of the shipping industry. 

You can see here that it’s a colorful and informative box, all the specs you need to know and the upgrades are listed for you. 

They don’t leave you guessing about what you’re going to get, even the pictures are good quality.

As you can see, everything is packed in tight and carefully enclosed in Styrofoam.  All the components are wrapped in plastic which helped protect those shiny surfaces.

It includes a well designed user manual, the remote control and the minimum wiring you will need to hook your system up. 

It’s a very well designed manual with clear easy to understand instructions.  It lists all the feature and how to use them along with all the different ways to hook your system up.  The remote control is pretty basic, but it does exactly what you need it to do, you can adjust to your listening pleasure without having to move an inch.  Very helpful for those that want to tuck their subwoofer out of the way.