bgears Vibro USB Speaker

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Introduction to the bgears Vibro USB Speaker

With the new era of small computing upon us (think netbooks),  people have almost everything they would need in a small PC. You get the light weight, long battery and a relatively quick machine to get all the small things you need to get accomplished. But the one thing I find my netbook short on is sound. I am not talking about basic computer sounds like the Windows startup wave. Any 16-bit sound card can give you that. I am talking about the real sounds

Each of us has some form of digital media on our computers: whether its the music you downloaded from the I-Tunes or the backup of the movies you own. If you are using a netbook, you may not be get the level of sounds you may want. In the case of my little Lenovo, the sound level is decent but can use a boost. However, I refuse to lug around computers speakers like the ones I have connected to my desktop. bgears realizes there are many in the same boat and decided to do something about it.

The Vibro is born, a small USB-powered speaker, requiring no drivers or power cord. There are only two necessities: a USB port and a sound card. According to bgears, we are promised great sound playback with no need of anything, but this little speaker and a flat surrounding. We will be giving the Vibro a try and see just what we get from this little booger.


Power Dissipation: Max:2.5W
Input Voltage: 5V
Audio Input: Digital signal
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Thermal Protection: 85°C
Operating Conditions :


Humidity: 10%∼80%

Storage Conditions:


Humidity: 10%∼90%

Unit Size: 60x60x45.5mm
Weight: 300g


  • Compact design replaced the traditional huge speakers with messy wiring.
  • Power and Play music through one USB connection.
  • Plug and Play. No Driver needed.
  • Utilize the whole table surface as a virtual surround sound speaker.
  • Compatible with all Operating System: Windows or Apple.
  • Low Power Consumption and RoHS compliant.

Closer look

There isn't too much to the little black pod that is the Vibro. Made of high quality black plastic, it nearly resembles a mushroom without a stem. If you are not a fan of black, then there is a white model to pick from also. Don't let the little size fool you, the Vibro is heavy and well built at just under a half pound.

Underneath the black shell facing down is a small driver. When in operation, the driver is facing the surface of whatever you are sitting it on. As sound is forced from the driver, the Vibro using the surface as a speaker box and distributes a great sound.